Type of Registry to Create
You may create one of two different types of registries. The first type, called a One-Time Event Gift Registry, has an event such as a birthday or wedding with a specific event date. The second type is called an Ongoing Wish List which has no event or date associated with it.

Type of Registry 
Event Information
Type of Event
Event Date

User Name and Password
Please create a username and password for accessing and editing your gift registry.

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Optional Guest Password
You may optionally create a "Guest Password" that visitors to your registry must enter in order to view your registry. Creating a guest password will protect your personal information including your addresses from unauthorized viewing.

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Registrant Information
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First Name First Name
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Hide Addresses
Checking this box will prevent display of any of your addresses in the registry (to keep your addresses private). You may change this preference at any time.
Hide "Has" and "Still Needs" Quantities
Checking this box will prevent display of purchased quantities in this registry management system (for example, on the "My Worksheet" page). Both "Has" and "Wants" quantities will still be visible to your friends and family when they visit your registry to make a purchase. Check this box only if you do not wish to see what items have been purchased for you. You may change this preference at any time.
PLEASE NOTE: Your registry will be available for 1 year after the event date. It will then be automatically deleted. Wish Lists remain active indefinitely.